Valentine's Day Menu 2017

Celebrate with us!

$69 per couple
(appetizer and dessert to share)



First - Soup

cup of Dill Pickle or cup of Barszcz (Vegan Soup)


Second - Appetizer

Creamed  Herring
Dutch herring tossed in a creamy wine sauce with herbs, onions and carrots

Grilled Kielbasa
Polish sausage grilled over an open flame and topped with sauteed onions, served with spicy brown mustard and sliced dill pickles

Amadeus Pancake

Potato pancake topped with our dill sauce and smoked salmon


Third - Tossed Salad


Fourth - Entree


Polish Plate

Classic sampler of grilled kielbasa, golabek (cabbage roll), Bigos (hunter’s stew), and Russian pierogi


Hungarian Goulash

Classic hearty beef, pepper and tomato stew, served over pasta


Budapest Pancake

Potato pancake topped with paprikash  (chicken stew in white-cream sauce) covered with another potato pancake and garnished with a side of Roma artichoke salad


Vegetarian Combination

Potato schnitzel, pierogi and your choice of one of the salads:

kapusta/artichoke/potato or Warsaw vegetable


Amadeus Fresh Catch

Seared Atlantic salmon with dill crème and served with greens
and potato puree



Fifth - Dessert


Traditional Polish apple torte



Classic French dessert, two layers of puff pastry filled with a light custard cream and dusted with powder sugar


Poppy seed cake

Thick layer of ground poppy seeds, nuts, and crystallized fruits mixed with honey


Mocha Latte

Chocolate sponge cappuccino mousse, topped with whipped cream and powdered sugar



For comments or inquiries, contact restaurant proprietor


Paul Strozynski


No e-mail reservations, please.