The Legend of Valentine’s Day

The Legend of Valentine's Day

There are some legends about the origin of Valentine’s Day we know today. These legends apparently started in the 14th century in England, and one of them is most known worldwide. It tells that bishop Valentine, who was a vocational priest but medical doctor by education, and lived in the 3th century in the Roman Empire, blessed the marriages of young (18 to 37 year old) men. At that time, these young men were prohibited to marry by the Roman emperor, Claudius Gothicus, who claimed that it could distract them from their military duties. Because of that, bishop Valentine was sent to prison, where he felt in love with his prison guard’s daughter, who was blind. Valentine’s love to the girl caused her to recover her sight and this infuriated the emperor, who sentenced Valentine to death.  In his last letter to the girl – before his execution on February 14, 269 – Valentine wrote “From your Valentine.”